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faraway times and places


Fanciful Art
Art Process
Beth and Will Hunt

Reverie. Def: {a state of having} pleasant thoughts: 
She was lost in reverie.

Follow the swirls of my pen into a whimsical land where your daydreams take flight.


My artwork is where my travels come to life, weaving a story of ornamental splendor, Baroque flourishes, and nature’s beauty.


Where color palettes come from prettily packaged Parisian macarons.


Where designs are influenced by antique wallpapers and fabrics.


Where details are inspired by the intricate workmanship of European decorative arts.


My tools are as ancient as the calligraphy pen and as modern as a tablet + stylus.


My purpose is to delight.

Welcome to Beth Hunt Calligraphy & Design.

Explore my selection of original art prints and learn calligraphy with me!

Step inside my reverie
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