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Monday Motivation

It's a new week and the kids and I are back from a week at my mom and dad's in Alabama. It's always nice to have a little change of scenery, plus we enjoyed such big city attractions as Target and Hobby Lobby that Montgomery has to wonderful little Oxford, MS doesn't have either of these so my parents have to indulge my shopping whims when I visit them! Luckily they're good sports about it, even when my kids are hungry and tired in Target (note to self: time it better next time).

A friend commissioned me to write out this quote a month or so ago, and it couldn't be more appropriate - especially as I'm on my third cup of super strong coffee this Monday morning. She always has the best ideas for me.

Last week while at my parents I also made some watercolor + calligraphy tags another friend commissioned to go on hostess gifts at her sister's engagement party. I can't get enough of this pink color.

I also worked on some envelopes for a beach wedding mailer. The bride chose to match the ink to the starfish graphic on the printed piece, and it made me want to drive down to the beach now!

My assistant tapped into her artistic side during our trip as well. She's sitting in the high chair that was mine as a baby. Things like this make my heart sing.

May your heart sing this week and of course, may your outfit get compliments.



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