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Monogram It!

We live in the South and we love a good monogram here, so I've really enjoyed the wedding trend of creating hand-lettered monograms for couples the past few years. A couple can use their monogram not just for their wedding, but for the rest of their lives to personalize everyday items like stationery, napkins and other paper items. I've even heard of hand-lettered monograms being embroidered onto linens!

I did a post last summer about how Corinne and Bryan personalized their big day with a calligraphy monogram, which gives plenty of good ideas on how they used their C+B design. A pretty February bride of ours used her monogram on cups, napkins, huggies, her program, and we also made it into a rubber stamp for her. So fun!

Scroll down for hand-lettered monogram inspiration and shop our monogram designs here or email us if you have an idea we can help you bring to life!



A sampling of our hand-lettered monogram design options.

C+B monogram used to create a design motif for wedding paper goods and signage.

A February bride used her 3 letter monogram "straight up" design on cups, napkins, programs, and we even made it into a rubber stamp for her.

A two letter monogram in loose wreath used on a couple's wedding invitation.

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