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Envelopes 5 Ways

More weddings and more envelopes! Y'all have kept us busy this spring and now summer, and we love ya for it. I started a new blog series last month where I'll show 5 different combinations of envelopes, ink colors, and calligraphy styles. So here's what I have for you this week:

1. Allie Style in gold ink on white envelopes - loved these square envelopes! Tip: let your calligrapher know if you're using vintage stamps so we can leave enough room where your stamps will go. These were for a Birmingham bride.

2. Brush lettering in hot pink on white - fun and bold!

3. Corinne Style on the diagonal in mauve pen - I love this unexpected layout. You won't have to ask me twice if you want your envelopes addressed on the diagonal. Promise.

4. Corinne Style in black ink on cream envelopes - traditional and elegant.

5. Signature Style in gold ink on cream envelopes - with vintage stamps for a Jackson, Mississippi bride who met her groom in Washington, DC. Stamps can tell a story, y'all!

And let's talk about hand-cancelling your envelopes. Ever heard of this? Some post offices will let you do it, and some will not, so be sure you ask ahead if they will allow it at your post office. Basically you get to hand-stamp the "cancellation" of your stamps (this prevents someone from reusing the stamps on a future envelope) versus the post office automatically sending the envelopes through the regular machine, which places stamps in places that may interfere with your calligraphy and not look as pretty. The two small round stamps above were hand-cancelling. We had one bride whose groom hand-cancelled all 200 wedding envelopes by himself because she was working and unable to do it. She found herself a good man, am I right?!

That's our five for today. What do you think? Tell us your fave!



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