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5 Ways to Use Mirrors as Signs at Your Wedding

I've talked to y'all before about how much I adore writing on mirrors. They're having a big moment in the wedding world as a beautiful option for signage. You can always bring in your own mirrors and display them on easels or in frames. But don't overlook what your venue already has to offer!

We adore the great big mirror at The Mill at Plein Air in Taylor, MS, which is a short drive from Oxford. We have used it for Signature Cocktail menus and great big monograms that make adorable photo backdrops for a new couple in front of their new monogram. We also love using mirrors for seating charts, welcome messages, hashtags, and anything your heart desires!

And what happens to the mirror when your event's all said and done? I can write on your mirror with two types of markers: 1. Chalk markers, which I always use on installed mirrors at venues and which simply wipe away with water or Windex, or 2. Permanent markers, which are great if you're transporting the mirrors or displaying them outside (where it might rain!). You can remove the writing afterwards with a

Get inspired with these 5 ways to use mirrors as signs at your wedding:

1. Seating Chart on an antique mirror - all seating chart photos courtesy of Danny K. Photography in Oxford, MS

2. Signature Cocktails Menu - I created this design on the upstairs mirror at The Mill at Plein Air in Taylor, MS. Signature Cocktail mirror photos also courtesy of Danny K. Photography.

3. Sparkler Send-off Signs - Signs are a great way to add order to your reception. Who doesn't like knowing what to expect and when? Here are two styles for our Sparkler Send-off mirrors - with and without the sparkler artwork.

4. Monograms - I smile every time I think of a new couple posing together in front of their new monogram that I've had the privilege of bringing to life as a backdrop for their first moments as husband and wife. The mirror monograms here are all from the upstairs mirror at The Mill at Plein Air.

5. Guest Book - Be sure your guests know to sign your guest book so you'll forever have record of everyone who witnessed your special day!

How would you use mirrors as signs at your event? Tell me in the comments section! And of course if you're interested in booking me to create signs for your wedding or event please email me here.



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