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How I Made My Mississippi Easter Egg for Food Network Magazine

It's no secret that I love a good craft {calligraphy-related or not} so I was beyond thrilled when Food Network Magazine reached out to me last fall about creating an Easter egg for their April issue! They chose a creative blogger from each state to create an egg representing their state. I provided several ideas to their editors, who selected my idea of creating a blues guitar Easter egg representative of Mississippi being the birthplace of the blues.

For my egg creation they sent me an Egg Not, a kind of faux egg suited for crafting and that would ship well to and from Food Network HQ in New York. The rest of the craft I made entirely using items I had on hand at my house! A full list of supplies is further down in this post.

I first dyed the egg using blue food coloring. This was early January, so commercial egg dyes weren't in stores at the time and I had to make do. While it took a long time to get the depth of blue shade I was after, it got the job done and I was really pleased with the final shade.

For the neck of the guitar, I happened to have multicolor craft sticks on hands that my kids like to use, so I cute a blue one down to size and drew a "neck" on it using a black paint pen, then added silver "frets" using a metallic paint pen. Once he egg was dry I drew a black line and hole on top of it to further resemble a guitar, then attached the craft stick to the back of the egg using Gorilla glue.

Next came the tricky part: the strings! I had some floral wire on hand which I made silver using my handy dandy paint pen {keeping with my color theme} and cut down to size. It took some manipulating and my husband's help holding them down, but we bent the wires over the top of the craft stick and glued them down {again using Gorilla Glue} then put a strip of black tape over the bottom of them to affix them to the egg.

The last part was decorating the egg with music notes and swirls! It takes a steady hand and patience to decorate anything rounded, but this was the most fun part for me. I again used my silver paint pen to draw music notes and swirlies on the sides of the egg for decorative flair. And voila! My egg was completed.

Supplies I used:

- Decorative Easter Eggs

- Easter Egg Dye

- Multicolored Wood Craft Sticks

- Floral Wire

- Gorilla Glue

- Sharpies: Metallic, Oil Based, Extra Fine Tip

- Wire Cutters

- Black Tape


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