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Welcome to Beth Hunt Calligraphy!

Welcome to my blog, Letters & Life, where I'll be posting a lot about my work as a calligrapher and a little about my life. I'm a native of Montgomery, AL, living in Oxford, MS, by way of Paris, France, and then Washington, DC. My husband of seven years and I have a three year old son, William, and a one year old daughter, Annabelle. Things are busy but beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful things, for as long as I can remember I have loved putting pen to paper in the literal sense of the phrase - finding different ways to write a letter, a name, or anything really. As a professional calligrapher I now get to play with pretty pens and papers and write things almost every day! I'm so blessed to do something I love.

Lately I've been working on new samples to send to stationers, wedding planners and other professionals who often receive inquiries about calligraphers. Know anyone who would like to receive my samples and information? Please tell me! I ship orders anywhere across the nation.

Here's a sample of white gouache on a pretty textured tan envelope. I'm newly obsessed with vintage stamps, aren't these adorable?

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