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Mother's Day Central

Been a busy past week here with wedding season in full swing and envelopes overtaking my work table, Loving the grey ink and style this uber-fabulous bride picked out here.

My Mother's Day cards arrived last night and I kind of squealed when I saw them! Such a nerd, I know. This is my first greeting card design - which was a long-time aspiration of mine - so I was pretty excited. I don't have an Etsy shop set up (another goal in the works) so email me to order yours. I only printed a few and they are $5 each, which includes me addressing the envelope to your card in calligraphy. Oxford, MS pick-up or $1 shipping for USPS mail orders placed by end of week.

While we're talking about Mother's Day, I've been having such a blast teaching calligraphy lessons lately that I decided to offer a special on Mother-Daughter Calligraphy Lessons. Email me for details. I had the pleasure of teaching the sweetest mother-daughter pair a few weeks back and they were so good!

If you're wondering how old is appropriate for girls to start, I recommend age 10 and up, but you know your child best. Remember nibs are sharp objects, so you want your child to be mature enough to handle a pointy object (unlike my little bitty angels). My niece is ten and I can tell she's curious about how I write in calligraphy; so I talked to my father-in-law and he thinks she could definitely learn it. I can't wait to teach her when she's ready!

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