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Unveiling My Newest Calligraphy Style!

Most brides nowadays come to me with a specific idea of what style calligraphy they would like. Thanks to Pinterest, Instagram, and countless other online resources, calligraphy is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance with pictures of beautiful envelopes floating around the Internet. Some brides peruse my website (or Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram) and tell me which one of my styles they would like, but every now and then someone asks me to try something different.

The sweetest bride and friend recently asked me to mirror the script on her invitations. She's one of those people with impeccable style, so I knew I had to try it out...and it just worked.

So I addressed her wedding inner and outer envelopes in the new style, and as some were drying on my desk another bride came in with her save the dates, saw these envelopes on my table and declared, "I want that!" It was then that I knew I had to officially offer this as one of my calligraphy styles: the Corinne, named for the beautiful June bride who originated it.

You're so fabulous, Corinne, and I wish you and Bryan all the happiness in the world! Thanks for the inspiration.



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