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Projects Lately - May

Hooray for the weekend! And just like that, it's time to say hello to June on Monday. May has been a busy and fun month here, with the typical wedding season stacks upon stacks of envelopes, but I've also gotten to do some really different and outside-the-box calligraphy jobs as well.

I was seriously flattered to receive a call from Nautilus Publishing a while back asking me to number 1,000 first edition prints of their new book. I've enjoyed numbering the books at their office for a nice little change of scenery!

I also received a call several weeks back from a proud grandmother who wanted me to write her grandsons' baseball numbers on both sides of this Journey Locket. Pretty unique piece of jewelry, right? I've been meaning to share this, especially since our local Oxford Chargers (her grandsons' team) won the MS baseball state championship this year!

Speaking of local high schools, congratulations to the graduating Class of 2015! Our high schools here have been celebrating graduation recently and I know many, many more across the country have been as well.

Have a fun weekend and end to your May! Until next week...



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