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Cortney & Roger's Beach Wedding

I love when I get to play a part in any wedding - it's truly an honor when someone entrusts you even with a small piece of their big, special day - but when it's a friend AND I get to touch pieces of not only the wedding but also the festivities leading up to it, that's the best.

Cortney and Roger were married in Seaside, Florida, which is one of my favorite places on earth. I had the honor of working on calligraphy pieces for her shower, an engagement party, and the wedding. So fun!

The Wednesday before the wedding, friends hosted an intimate cocktail party for Cortney and Roger in a beachfront house at Seaside. Since only a few invitations were sent out, I hand-lettered each one in gold ink. We tied a Knot & Bow tag + twine around the invitation with the beach cottage number on it, beacuse really cute and we had to incorporate them somehow! It worked perfectly.

I addressed the envelopes in the same gold ink, using vintage postage stamps for a really pretty combination. The bride is from Mississippi, so the vintage Mississippi stamp was perfect!

The theme of the party was "Mr. & Mrs." which we carried over from the invitations to the party itself, writing Mr. and Mrs. and the most amazingly delicious macarons (yes, I did get to eat one...or maybe three)! I have the best job EVER. Anyway, here are a few pics from the party itself for you to enjoy.

Now, let's all go to the beach and eat macarons. See you there!



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