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A Little Soiree Chez BHC

I love any excuse to entertain at our Hunt Marketing / Beth Hunt Calligraphy office, so it was a fun job hosting the ladies of Coterie earlier this month for our November meeting. With the help of my fabulous mother-in-law and fellow hostesses we had wine and cheese and hors d'oeuvres for around 40 ladies.

Wish the photo did my new gold chalk marker more justice, because I'm really feeling it these days! Cheese cards (done here in white ink on black tented cards) are a must for me when I have a cheese spread so you can let your guests know what kind of goodness they're enjoying. Am I the only one who could practically live off cheese and crackers? Soooooo delish.

Hosting gets me in the holiday spirit, how about you? Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and y'all enjoy these pics of our little soiree!



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