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Love You, Mean It

Valentine's Day has moved way up on my list of holidays since having kids. I'm all about the color scheme and hearts and chocolate, so I'm not sure why I didn't care for it much in my younger days...but now I love starting new traditions with our kids and getting in the spirit of the holiday.

I wanted to share a fun mail DIY that was inspired by a care package my super crafty sister-in-law sent me a while back. She used a white doily and wrote our address on it, and it was so fun to receive! Let's be honest, those brown envelopes you mail stuff in aren't cute. So when I was Dollar General shopping for Valentine's things for little William's class party I came across these red heart doilies that I knew I could use somehow.

I mailed some Valentine's cards the kids made and one of my return address stamps to my mom and dad, along with some cards to other family. You could use an ultra-fine tip gold Sharpie paint pen or a gold gel pen to write on the doilies (shown here: Uniball Signo gel pen), or you could use a dip pen if you're super duper careful on the ultra-thin doilies. I was in a rush to get these to the post office, so I went for efficiency and skipped the dip pen.

Now that your doilies are addressed you put them on top of a mailing envelope, then grab some clear packing tape and completely cover them with tape.

Add stamps and voila! You've got a Valentine's care package that's sure to make someone smile!

Some more fun pics from this week's Valentine's preparations here....little William was supposed to write his name on his Valentines by himself. That's hard for a 4 year old, y'all, because they like to write big and our Valentines were small. He had such a blast doing them even if they weren't exactly legible.

I brought him up to my office (which I share with my husband) after school Tuesday and he made Valentin's with more of our heart doilies and some glittery stickers I'm really loving (also from Dollar General). I think it's safe to say he charmed the ladies of the office by bringing them each one of his cards.

I had a lot of fun helping my mother-in-law put together some cards as well. These adorable cards and stickers are from Mrs. Post Stationery in Memphis and are by Meri Meri, who makes the most precious paper and party items. Major brand crush.

My last highlight of the week was celebrating my amazing intern Allie, who participated for the 4th year in a row in the Ole Miss Parade of Beauties. Go, Allie! I made her a Mean Girls inspired card using a Tombow brush pen.

Hoping you have a love-filled weekend and Valentine's Day!



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