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Hand-Lettered Tablecloth How-To

Hope everyone had a fun weekend and Valentine's Day! I had so much fun helping with Little William's Valentine's class party last week and today am sharing a how-to for the hand-lettered tablecloths I made. They're so easy and fun, and you could use this process for any holiday or special occasion. I did something similar for New Year's Eve using wrapping paper, which doubled as place cards too. You can mix and match the methods to make your own however you like.

What I used:

  • Pink butcher paper - William's sweet teacher let me use some of theirs!

  • Tombow brush pen in red - Purchase a pack here:

  • Tape to affix them to tables

And that's it! Super easy and it takes less time than driving to the store searching for cute tablecloths.

I rolled the paper out over our kitchen island, but a large table would work well too. A large workspace helps. And then just start writing fun words. Keep in mind where plates are going to go, so your letters won't be covered up entirely, but if parts of them get covered up it's fine. Once I added a few words I went back and added hearts and flourishes to fill some of the negative space and add visual interest...basically to make it prettier!

The room ended up looking party-ready and we had a blast!

Photos on the morning of the party in much better lighting, in the classroom.

My Valentine...

And our class party craft was fun as well. I saw something similar on Pinterest and made a page we copied for the kids to glue tissue paper on.

My kids crafted their little hearts out getting ready for Valentine's Day these past few weeks. We had lots of fun preparations as I told you last week! Saturday morning we went to the museum at Ole Miss, which is just fantastic and hosted a wonderful family activity day filled with tons of activities. The kids loved making these quilt-inspired crafts, among other pretty things they got to create!

And of course we had to have cookies, because Valentine's isn't Valentine's without something sweet!

We had two happy campers Sunday in their Valentine's finery. They've stolen my heart for sure!

Hope your Valentine's weekend was filled with lots of love too!



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