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4 Ways to Celebrate Little Ones with Calligraphy

When you think of calligraphy, you may automatically think of weddings. Yes, wedding work is an important and special part of my job as a calligrapher, but you can also use calligraphy well into your married life to celebrate children in many ways with special, one-of-a-kind hand-lettered pieces! Here are a few ways to use calligraphy to honor your precious little blessings:

1. Birth Announcements - Delicate curls and swirls are a natural complement to those darling newborn pics you had taken. Use calligraphy exclusively, as shown in the first design here, or intermix it with a computer font as shown in the second design.

Three babies and a big sis...that's my BFF Sarah's life. She welcomes donations of diapers, coffee and wine.

2. Birthday Parties - Commission a custom calligraphy invitation that you can keep for your child in a scrapbook or even frame alongside birthday pics, and add hand-lettered signs and decor to your child's party.

More birthday party pics from last year here (Annabelle) and here (William).

3. Hand-lettered Artwork - Commission a custom piece or hang a calligraphy print in a child's room for a touch of whimsy. Our christening pieces are popular gifts that can be framed and displayed in the home.

4. Baby Showers - We celebrated baby Cecilia in grand fashion last summer and more recently had the honor of designing baby McKenzie's shower invitation.

The possibilities are endless, y'all. Email us if you have a special someone we can celebrate with calligraphy and don't forget to order Easter egg tags now! Our deadline for orders is March 22 and we ship nationwide.

Have a great weekend and for Mississippi peeps going on Spring Break, be safe / good luck with the kids home!



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