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Envelopes 5 Ways

This wedding season has been filled to the brim with envelopes, for which I'm utterly thankful! And which in turn makes me thankful my beautiful new desk was ready in time for the wedding season rush, so I can spread my envelopes out to dry and take up all the space I want {more on my new and improved workspace to come in a future post!}.

I thought I'd start sharing some envelope pics more often on my blog. There are so many beautiful and fun combinations to consider when you choose the envelopes, ink color and calligraphy style, and I'm excited to begin sharing more of them with you 5 at a time in Envelopes 5 Ways.

So without further ado:

1. Allie Script in gold ink on navy envelopes - photos cannot do gold ink justice, and this combination was just to die for! Talk about making a statement with your envelopes. These were for a Birmingham, AL bride.

2. Corinne Style in gold ink on cream envelopes - Classic glamour.

3. Corinne Style in grey pen on off-white envelopes - for the coolest bride. Any of my calligraphy styles I can also do using a felt tip or gel pen, which is a budget-friendly option I offer. Pen is popular for save the dates and rehearsal dinners, too!

4. Signature Style in gold ink on cream envelopes - I call this my Signature Style because it's just "me". Just how I naturally feel like writing in calligraphy! These vintage stamps were the icing on the cake for these Florida engagement party invitations.

5. Corinne Style in black ink on cream envelopes - Traditional and timeless.

So that's it for today's five. I'll share more soon! Until then...



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