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Adorable Gender Party Reveal! It's a...

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I was asked to write on a box for a gender reveal party recently and it was such a fun project! The hostess wrapped a large box in chalkboard wrapping paper, lined it with crinkle paper and had it filled with balloons. If you live in Oxford and want her to make you one she sells them! I had the fun job of writing on this nice big box and chose a modern script in all lower case to give it a playful feel. So cute, so cute, so cute. And congrats to the happy couple on their baby boy!

Scroll down to see pics and our recommended items for making a box of your own!

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this post on Pinterest, we have added a digital download of the "Twinkle Twinkle" artwork to our Etsy shop! Digital downloads are wonderful because you have access to your purchase immediately without the wait, hassle and cost of shipping. How does it work? Purchase, download files, send files to your local print shop, then attach the artwork to the front of your cardboard box! Easy! CLICK HERE to purchase now.

Make your own box:

Purchase our Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal Digital Download and have your desired size printed on poster paper or your local printer's recommended paper.

Find a box with one side that corresponds to the size of files provided with our downloads: 20x24", 18x24" or 24x48"

Wrap box with black wrapping paper. Secure with double sided tape or glue stick

and attach Twinkle Twinkle printable to one side.

Get ultrasound results and have a friend or local shop prepare your balloons and seal them inside the box! Wrap top of box with a big, beautiful bow. We suggest using something like this craft ribbon that would hold its shape well.

Have fun, y'all! We loved this project and love that it's been such a hit on Pinterest!



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