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What's a Calligraphy Workshop Like?

Have you ever wanted to see what a calligraphy workshop is like? I thought it would be fun to share some of my fave pics I've collected over the past year so you could peek inside one of our Beth Hunt Calligraphy workshops! You can always check out our upcoming class dates or book a private lesson in our online shop, and if you're interested in scheduling a private "Calligra-Party" for a group of 5 or more just email me here. And if don't live in or near Oxford, MS and would to discuss hosting me in your hometown, I'd love to chat!

So here are just a few pics (some iPhone, some big girl camera) I've gathered up today. I am always proud of myself when I remember to take pics during workshops, because I often get so caught up having fun and teaching that I inevitably forget about taking pics until it's all said and done! Ha!

Still hungry for more after all those pics? Watch our calligraphy workshop video to see a workshop in action! And then go treat yourself and sign up in our online shop. What are you waiting on?

See you in class!



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