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3 Ideas for Using Your Custom Monogram

It's no secret that I love myself a good monogram, and creating custom hand-lettered monograms and crests for my clients is one of my favorite creative processes. A monogram is something you can use forever!

Here are 3 ideas from this week to show how our clients incorporated my monogram designs into their celebrations:

1. Take our design and use it as a design motif at your wedding reception - a Starkville bride who married this weekend used our design not only in her invitation suite but also on these fabulous cups and napkins printed by P. Press Papers AND projectors lit up walls at the reception with the monogram, how cool is that??

BH monogram photos above courtesy of P. Press Papers

2. Have your monogram drawn on a mirror - if you've read any more of my blog, you'll hear a little (okay a lot) about how much I enjoy writing on mirrors. This mirror at The Mill at Plein Air in Taylor, MS, which is a few minutes outside of where I live in Oxford, is at the top of a stunning staircase and I love the idea of a newlywed couple taking some of their first photos as husband and wife in front of such a special backdrop! Mirrors are super hard to photograph without getting yourself in the shot, but I managed to get a couple of shots after I completed this baby Friday. This is our Three Letters Straight Up monogram style.

3. Eat and Drink with Your Monogram! No celebration is complete without something to eat and something to drink, so we say "monogram it" and print your monograms on water bottle labels or have them hand-lettered on macarons like we did here for a recent bridal shower. YUM!

That's all the monograms for today! If you have pics of your Beth Hunt Calligraphy monograms in action please share them with us! And you can check out some of our different monogram designs in our shop.



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