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Styled Shoot on Reverie Gallery

This past spring we sent some envelope samples with Emily Sanders of Confete Events to Charleston for a styled shoot she was planning, and last week the entire shoot {in all its romantic dreaminess} was featured on Reverie Gallery! Photographed by the talented Jenn Kavanagh, a group of many different vendors from many different places contributed to the shoot, and we're obsessed with how it turned out!

When Emily told me the color palette for the shoot was blues and golds, we immediately agreed a navy blue envelope with gold ink was the way to go. For a modern twist on a classic formal script, I loosened my Corinne script and let it fill the envelope.

Check out Jenn Kavanagh's stunning photos of my envelopes below - it is harder than you'd ever imagine to photograph gold ink in a manner that captures some of its shimmery goodness, and she did it perfectly! Then head over to Reverie Gallery and prepare to be inspired with the entire shoot!

So honored to have been a part of this cool collaboration with so many amazing vendors!



Photo credits: Jenn Kavanagh Photogaphy

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