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Take Our New Online Calligraphy Courses!

We've been hard at work putting together online classes since early this summer, so that you can now learn calligraphy with us wherever you are, whenever you want! Our classes are hosted on a platform called Skillshare, which is pretty fantastic if you ask us since they have tutorials on just about anything you could want to learn to do, from art to web design to cooking to sales, it's all there. When you buy a membership to Skillshare, you can take our classes among thousands of other classes. They describe it as a "Netflix of learning."

Our first two classes (with more to come soon!) are about faux-lligraphy, also called fake calligraphy, and writing on mirrors. We get lots of questions about how we write on mirrors, and now you can do it yourself! It's all about having the right tools and techniques.

We're so honored to be able to share our love for calligraphy with you through this awesome online platform. Go check it out at the links below! And remember once you've completed the class project to upload a pic of your work to the project gallery in Skillshare so I can see your work and provide feedback!

Easy Peasy Modern Calligraphy: Writing Lovely Letters in Faux-lligraphy - Click here to take the class!

Easy Peasy Mirror Calligraphy: DIY Mirror Signs - Click here to take the class!

Happy learning, y'all!



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