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It's Fall, Y'all! We're Loving Calligraphy on Pumpkins

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Fall is hands down my favorite season, and pumpkins are a sign of the season. Maybe not a sign of cooler temperatures if you live in Mississippi, but technically it's autumn on the calendar and pumpkins are in abundance here in Oxford and many other places this month.

I've been having fun personalizing pumpkins by writing on them. If you're looking for a cute alternative to a carved pumpkin, lettering a seasonally-inspired phrase, an initial, or a name on pumpkins gives them a festive look. Last year I spray painted our pumpkins, but this year I'm enjoying the au naturel pumpkin look with gold lettering on them.

Updated: Due to reader requests I've added my favorite pens for lettering on pumpkins! Any paint pen will do, or you could even use a plain black Sharpie, but here are my faves:

Uchida of America DecoColor Paint Pen in Gold - I also just ordered this in copper and can't wait to get it! DecoColor pens come in beautiful metallics.

Molotow Acrylic Paint Marker - I really like Molotow white markers and their golds are pretty too - definitely more on the greenish side rather than a yellow gold to me, but I think they would look nice on pumpkins of any color.

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers - I love myself some Sharpies. Buy these and you'll find so many uses for them if you love writing on things!

Optional: I sprayed my two white pumpkins with a clear fixative spray because they weren't under a porch or any covering. I tried to remember to bring them in when it rained, but the few times they were left out in the rain the paint pen held up, so I guess the fixative worked!

Enjoy pumpkin season, y'all!



PS - If you live in Oxford you can bring us your pumpkins and I will write on them!

Click here to purchase your personalized calligraphy on pumpkins if you live near Oxford, Mississippi!


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