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Oxford Brush Lettering Workshop

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I had the best time teaching Intro to Brush Lettering to a fun group at last night's Oxford workshop! I hold my Oxford workshops at the office I share with our sister company, Hunt Marketing, in our large front room that overlooks the Oxford Square.

Here are a few students hard at work making their first thick and thin strokes with their Tombow Fudenosuke Twin Tip brush pens. At our Intro to Brush Lettering workshops, each attendee receives one of these pens, one Tombow Dual Tip Brush Pen, one pack of quality paper suited for brush lettering {such as these Rhodia pads}, and of course my very own brush lettering workbook with exercises, letter exemplars and guidelines.

Check out the hard work some of our students photographed for us! I'm such a proud teacher whenever I see how much progress y'all can make during one short 1.5 hour workshop. It makes me so happy to see people leave feeling so accomplished in such a short time.


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